Horse meat specialty store Suganoya


2022/02/28 15:41:22

We have an independent farm dedicated to horses in Aso and the only production plant dedicated to horse meat in Japan, and we have acquired SQF, which is a proof of international quality for safety, for the first time in the world for raw meat. Kumamoto's local cuisine "Basashi", which has been passed down for more than 220 years, is transmitted nationwide while remaining safe, secure and delicious. You can enjoy various tastes such as smoked horse meat and charcoal-grilled horse meat as well as horse sashimi of various parts. [Homepage URL]

Place Kumamoto
Weather ☀ clear
Time -
Day off Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays
Shop or Place name Senko Farm Co., Ltd.
TEL 096-282-7677/0120-129-834(shop)
Price -

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