Pickles and sunflowers


2022/01/18 16:50:57

Many people think that pickles are "sour" and "not good at taste", but Kumamoto Minami Pickles is a healthy food with a gentle body that suits the tastes of modern people by changing the flavor of Kumamoto's ingredients and pickle liquid. Taking advantage of the taste of fresh vegetables and fruits from Kumamoto, we have devised a way to easily arrange colorful vegetables and fruits on the table by mixing them with sweet and sour pickle liquid. Please enjoy Kumamoto Minami Pickles with a new sense, such as gifts for acquaintances and rewards for yourself. [Homepage URL] https://sunsmile2013.com/

Place Kumamoto
Weather ☀ clear
Time -
Day off
Shop or Place name SUNSMILE Co., Ltd.
TEL 0964-27-9902
Price -

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