[Oisi-kyushu] Sea urchin gem 3-piece set


2020/06/16 10:34:41

"Sea urchin cream cheese" is a two-layered sea urchin and cheese layer with a mellow flavor and a rich sea urchin sauce. If you taste the two layers together, the taste of new sea urchin will spread. Cut it as it is and enjoy it with sake. It is also recommended to mix it with omelet. Received the 2013 Kumamoto Prefecture Excellent New Product Encouragement Award.

"Unikarasumi Tofu" is a collaboration delicacy between the sea and mountains of Kumamoto! "Uni Karasumi", a luxurious delicacy that blends raw karasumi and Amakusa sea urchin, which is one of the three major delicacies in Japan, and "Tofuchi", which is an arrangement of tofu pickled in miso, a traditional preserved food of Itsuki village located in the Kyushu mountains I made it together with "Zu". Perfect for sake and wine!

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