Hakata lantern festival - only 1 night in 1 year!


2019/09/18 10:31:04

Hakata Toumyou lantern watching is a very romantic and fantastic festival that illuminates the Hakata's night scenery in autumn with more than thousands of lights.
The lights are made by people in Hakata, they put a candle in a Japanese paper cup or bag. This lantern style is from the traditional event "Sen-tou-myou". The soft light of candle shaken by the wind and Japanese paper create a fantastic scenery.
This festival is held at temples and shrines and wide space in Hakata,
such as Hakata Elementary School, Kushida Shrine, Tochiji temple, JR Hakata station, Hakata Riverrain, Bayside Place Hakata, and so on.

This event is, ONLY on the 3rd Saturday of October.
ONLY 3 hours (18:00-21:00).
How could you miss?

more: https://hakata-toumyou.com

Place Fukuoka
Weather ☀ clear
Time 15:00 ~ 21:00
Day off
Price -

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