Polar bear ice machine

Tenjin Loft

2019/07/29 11:10:52

An ice machine with a polar bear as a motif for the Sapporo Maruyama Zoo, which has a lovely carefree face. It is 2WAY type that can be adjusted with dial with fluffy fluffy. Why don't you enjoy original shaved ice with "Calpis PETIT" which contains 5 cups of "Calpis" in a cute box. ● Sirty bear ice machine tax-included 4,298 yen ● Calpis PETIT tax-included 540 yen ● The third floor household goods section

Place Fukuoka
Weather ☀ clear
Time -
Day off
Shop or Place name Tenjin Loft
Price ¥4,000 - 4,999

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