Purple sweet potato confectionary


2019/05/15 10:24:39

I walked pass a Japanese sweet shop in MING, Hakata station and saw 6 types lovely purple sweets in the showcase.
A shopkeeper told that these are Kumamoto's sweets made from 'Purple sweet potato'.
She let me try a cookie sandwich one. The taste was good and not too sweet.
After my long hesitation, I bought Higosansai (肥後三彩).
I think this is a manju. It was soft and ,yes, delicious.

p.s. The colour remind me of Thanos from a movie that I watch recently....(・ω・)☝︎

Place Kumamoto
Weather ☀ clear
Time -
Day off
Shop or Place name Takarabussa
Price ¥0 - 999

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