A trip to visit Japanese food lunch and Japanese craftsmanship

Kyushu sanko tourism

2019/04/01 17:14:34

(Planned for sale from April) A trip to visit Kawajiri, a town in which many cutlery and pastry craftsmen live, and while enjoying the old town of Kawajiri, it is a trip that touches Japanese craftsmen high technology. We also have a lunch of Japanese cuisine that you can also feel Japanese food culture. Kumamoto Transportation Center (9: 10) === [Route Bus] === Kumamoto Craft Hall Main Bus Stop (9: 35) Kumamoto Craft Hall Walk and Kawasiri Town Walk (about 5 hours stay) ■ Kumamoto Craft Hall tour ■ Japanese pastry shop Tasting of Japanese confectionery ■ Lunch of Japanese cuisine ■ Cutler shop visit and shopping ■ Kawajiri old town walk Kasegawa bus stop (14: 48) === [route bus] === Kumamoto Kotsu Center (15: 19)

Place Kumamoto
Weather ☀ clear
Time -
Day off
Shop or Place name Kyushu Production Intercourse Tourism
Price ¥3,000 - 3,999

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