Amakusa tour 5 which goes by Amakusa airline "Kyushu Orle" Wewajima / Matsushima course


2019/03/26 19:17:52

Ideiwajima Orle to go around the healing island "Iwajima Island" and Mt. Matsushima Orle with the goal of Mount Chishima and Matsushima Onsen "Ryu's Footbath" where Shiro Amakusa held a feast. After enjoying the nature of Amakusa with Korean-born "Orle", enjoy the hot spring and Amakusa sea at the hotel! [The first day] Busan Airport ⇒ 福岡 ⇒ Fukuoka Airport ⇒ 天 天 Amakusa Airport = Amakusa Hotel [the second day] Hotel = Wewajima Orle = Matsushima Onsen Hotel [the third day] Hotel = Matsushima Orle = Amakusa Airport ⇒ 福岡 Fukuoka Airport ⇒ 釜山 Busan Airport

Place Kumamoto
Weather ☀ clear
Time -
Day off
Shop or Place name Japan and abroad travel
Price -

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