Hitoyoshi · Kuma Refresh 2 days


2019/03/26 17:29:33

Take a sightseeing train to Hitoyoshi.
Enjoy nature in Ichifusa-yama and Kuma River,
Feel the history at Aoi Aso Shrine and Craft Park, etc.
Two days away from everyday life.
First day
Kumamoto station = (Limited express train Isaburoro No.1) = Hitoyoshi Station =
Ichifusa-yama = Soba Restaurant Mountain Yukihan
(Forest Therapy) (Lunch)
= Kumagawa Kudari = Hitoyoshi Station (Karakuri Clock) = Hitoyoshi Onsen Ryokan (Accommodation)

2nd day
Ryokan = Aoi Aso Shrine = Eikokuni Temple = Craft Park = Hitoyoshi Ryokan
(Making a horse and flower box) (Lunch)
= Kaname Waterfalls = Terraced fields in Kumamura village
= Hitoyoshi Station = (Limited Express train Shinpei No.4) = Kumamoto Station

Place -
Weather ☀ clear
Time -
Day off Scheduled for sale at the end of March
Shop or Place name TKU Human
Price -

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