Miyami Ura Statue Relaxingly with rock SUP Cruise


2018/11/28 15:53:01

The sea where the contrast of deep blue and emerald green called the indigo sea "Amakusa" is beautiful. On the coastline there are sea cliffs which are as high as 100 m in height and reefs are scattered in the ocean, and its scenery is Amakusa · Myouimpu which is also certified as a scenic spot designated by the country. It is the real pleasure of this tour to slowly cruise on the sea slowly to such a field, using SUP, as a strange rock / so-called "elephant rock of Myokenpo" that looks like an elephant. You can taste the exhilarating feeling of SUP if you see the spectacular scenery you see while standing on the board, the wind you get on your cheeks, and sometimes you look down on the sky while lying on the board.

■ Option Tour - 5
elephant in Myoken rocking leisurely SUP Cruise (about 5 hours) ~
4 persons lent out / 25,000 yen per person

Hotel === Myokogura = SUP Experience === Hotel
※ meal fee is not included. (We will introduce the shop of your choice.) The timing of lunch can be set at your favorite time.
※ Departure time will vary depending on the tides of the tide.
※ Experience points may change due to tides, time and weather.

Place Kumamoto
Weather ☀ clear
Time -
Day off
Shop or Place name Nippon Naigai Travel
TEL 096-352-5800
Price -

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