Chibitabi: D course - relaxing pottery experience with Itoshima and journey with a seafood lunch


2017/09/30 18:31:57

A course where you can experience pottery at a Futagama (meaning: wind song kiln) where ceramics were chosen in JR 's "Kyushu sweet train".
If you actually touch the soil with an electrically powered rattling knot you will feel calm down.
You can make your favorite things from tea bowl, tea cup, small plate of about 10 cm.

After experiencing, enjoy lunch with fresh sashimi!

In the afternoon we will go around the Itoshima power spot, Futamigaura and Sakurai Shrine.

~ ~ ~
Visit place
wind song kiln pottery experience · Iso no yaku go · TABIcafe · Futamigaura · Sakurai shrine · Hamajyo Shuzo

Place Fukuoka
Weather ☀ clear
Time 9:00 ~ 15:00
Day off
Shop or Place name Chibibabito
TEL 092-332-7530
Price ¥5,000 -

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