~ Dynamic City Hakata and leisurely Kurokawa Onsen 5 days ~


2019/03/26 18:28:21

The urban atmosphere of Hakata and the leisurely Kurokawa Onsen. We will also guide you to spots that can only be seen here, such as the nearby Nabiga Falls and the Great Suspension Bridge! Day 1 Fukuoka Airport = Canal City · Fukuoka Washington Hotel = Free Time Day 2 Hotel = Hakata Bus Terminal = Kurokawa Onsen · Kurokawasou (with dinner) = Kurokawa Walk 3 days Kurokawasou (Breakfast) = Naboga Taki = Wai Tata hot spring = Katsura Chaya = Kuju "Yume" large suspension bridge = Gandhi farm = Kyu flower park = Kurokawa-so (with dinner) 4th day Kurokawa-so = Hakata bus terminal = Canal City · Fukuoka Washington hotel 5th day hotel = Fukuoka airport sales price It is scheduled to sell around the end of March during adjustment

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Weather ☀ clear
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Day off
Shop or Place name Western Tourism Michael Travel
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