Hitoyoshi · Kuma Refresh 2 days


2019/03/26 17:29:33

Take a sightseeing train to Hitoyoshi. Enjoy nature in Ichibansan and Kuma River, feel the history at Aoi Aso Shrine and Craft Park, and take two days away from everyday life. ... Day 1 Kumamoto Station = (special rush saburoro No. 1) = Hitoyoshi Station = City Fasoyama = Soba restaurant Yamanashikan (Forest Therapy) (Lunch) = Kumagawa Nadari = Hitoyoshi Station (Karakuri Clock) = Hitoyoshi Onsen Ryokan ( Accommodation: 2nd day inn = Aoi Aso Shrine = Nagakuni-ji Temple = Craft Park = Hitoyoshi Ryokan (Kishima / Hanate Box Making) (Lunch) = Shikame Waterfall = Kumanomura Tanada = Hitoyoshi Station = (Shinpei 4) = Kumamoto Station

Place -
Weather ☀ clear
Time -
Day off Scheduled for sale at the end of March
Shop or Place name TKU Human
Price -

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