Hitoyoshi Onsen and National Treasure Aoi Aso Shrine (Clear flower Sansui flower Ayu no Sato)


2018/11/28 13:50:16

From the center of Kumamoto go straight to Hitoyoshi at the express bus number Munichi! It is a great trip with a high-speed bus and luncheon and hot spring of the Japanese-style meeting at the Japanese-style Yuuhaku Inn "Hakusan Sansui Hana Ayu no Sato" at Hitoyoshi Onsen. From Hitoyoshi bus stop to the hotel it is safe & comfortable with transfer. National Treasure Aoi Blacksmith Shrine and a blacksmith town street with old collections are also within walking distance from the hotel. Please enjoy the stroll freely after lunch.
【Clearflow Sansui Flower Ayu no Sato】
Prepare a space full of relaxation that harmonizes the resort atmosphere with the traditional Japanese setting while feeling the warmth of the tree. From the outdoor bath you can see the Japanese three torrents Rumagawa river and Hitoyoshi castle ruins.
【Aoi Aso Shrine】
Five buildings such as the tower and the shrine which was founded in 806 and rebuilt during the Keicho year is designated as a national treasure. The design of the medieval Kuma district and the architectural beauty of the Momoyama style are worth a visit.

---- Tour time ----
Kumamoto station (departing 09:48) / Kumamoto Traffic Center (departing 10:00) === 【Nanpu issue going to Miyazaki】 === Hitoyoshi IC bus stop (around 11:43 Move to Ayu no Sato by pick-up car (Summary of 10 minutes)

<< Himeyoshi Onsen "river sansui flower Ayu no Sato" at luncheon's lunch and hot spring, then free time stay about 3 hours 30 minutes >>
Traveling from Ayu no Sato to the bus stop at the shuttle car (Summary of 10 minutes) Hitoyoshi IC Bus Station (16:03 departure) === 【Nanpu Line Kumamoto Line】 === Kumamoto Traffic Center (around 17: 41) / Kumamoto Station (around 17: 49)


Place Kumamoto
Weather ☀ clear
Time -
Day off
Shop or Place name Kyushu Sanko Tourism
TEL 096-300-5535
Price ¥5,000 -

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