Next rehabilitation specializing in the after effects of stroke


2018/11/08 18:03:29

It will be a one-to-one rehabilitation program for 90 minutes specialized in the after effects of stroke. If you have the goal you want to accomplish, but those who are difficult to realize, please come and experience the Next program. I will conduct training twice a week (total of 16 times) for 2 months toward that goal. Next The rehabilitation consists of three stages of menus.
① Rehabilitation in the oxygen box which becomes "Japan's first" Brain functions are activated, and we perform the preparations at the preparation stage to move the body. It is effective for prevention of stroke.
② While using the red cord to thoroughly adjust the trunk training load amount, I will stimulate the center of the body "body trunk". When the trunk stabilizes it will be very easy to operate.
③ Targeted action As a practice example, we will repeatedly practice walking thoroughly by using tools, for those who have the goal of "Want to walk alone". By doing the practice exercises step by step, you can get motion earlier than usual. Next is the rehabilitation that everyone needs.
Please come and experience the training you committed to achieve your goal! We are also looking for experiences and tours from time to time! We are waiting for your visit.

Place Kumamoto
Weather ☀ clear
Time -
Day off
Shop or Place name Cerebral Infarction Rehabilitation Studio Next Kumamoto
TEL 096-327-9236
Price -

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