Chibitabi: C course - a trip to the oyster hut and the made in Itoshima


2017/09/30 16:06:51

Itoshima is dotted with a lot of writers who are making things.
Would you like to go on a journey to find unique works.
I am going around the studio where you can stop by because it is too small.

When the cold season comes, Itoshima oysters are coming. Itoshima oysters are pretty close together.
As well as oysters, you can also enjoy turban shell, scallops, shrimps and so on.
Bring your favorite seasonings and so on OK.
There is also a rental of the jumper so that clothes do not become dirty.

Before going to the oyster shed, you drop in at the beach brewery so you can choose your favorite drink and drink it at the oyster hut. We will also drop in at the first place nationwide Ito Naka, a direct sales place sales.

Place to visit
Dorm Factory Hamaji Sake Brewing · DURAM FACTORY · Handmade Ham · Ichiran no Mori · Mihata ya · Fujimaru Oyster Hut · Totouya · Tabinon Kiseki · Furniture Workshop CLAP · TABIcafe · Debut Studio · Ita Norika · Koko no ki

Place Fukuoka
Weather ☀ clear
Time -
Day off
Shop or Place name Chibibabito
TEL 092-332-7530
Price ¥5,000 -

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