Chibitabi: A Course - Itoshima Classic Gourmet Discovery Journey


2017/09/29 17:14:54

Itoshima standard course recommended for people who visit Itoshima for the first time and those who want to show friends. We will guide you around the classic spot of Itoshima such as "Mataichi no Ichiba" and "Raizan Sennyoji"with well-known salt pudding. For lunch, you can enjoy the blessings of Itoshima at the Inoue Ryokan full of boxy kaiseki or Showa style with a repeaters' contiguous Futaki tea campus. Please enjoy the season of Itoshima with your tongue with your eyes. ~~~Place to drop inMataichi no shio(stolen salt) · kalaku · TABIcafe · Raizan Sennyoji · Shiraito brewery · Yamasue

Place Fukuoka
Weather ☀ clear
Time -
Day off
Shop or Place name Chibitabi
TEL 092-332-7530
Price ¥5,000 -

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